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Children (Ages 0-5)

Children and Caregivers

Start developing essential language skills through storytimes, specially selected books, and early literacy activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.


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Join us for storytimes. We create our programs with both learning and fun in mind.

Early Literacy

Prepare your child for kindergarten by building a strong foundation for learning.

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It’s never too early to start reading together. Check out our book lists and picks for little ones.

Children’s News

Follow the Words

Follow the Words

When children learn that words on a page have a message, their curiosity is piqued and their brains work to decode the meaning. This is an essential early literacy skill - print awareness. Write down the words to their favorite nursery rhyme and sing it with your...

Pick a Song, Any Song

Pick a Song, Any Song

Use this idea the next time you need to fill your day with music! Together with your child, choose your favorite songs to sing. Write the names of the songs on index cards or squares of paper and place them in a box. When your child needs an activity to do, draw out...

Five-Finger Rule

Five-Finger Rule

Help your child find books that are just right with the Five-Finger Rule. Have your child read one page of a book. Ask your child to raise a finger for every word that's too hard for them to read. If your child raises more than five fingers, the book may be too...