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Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Stillwater Public Library strengthens our community by advancing literacy, enriching lifelong learning, and empowering civic engagement. We want every Stillwater resident to have a library card and use it regularly.

Our Mission

Stillwater Public Library connects members of our community with the power of knowledge, the possibility of new ideas, and the opportunity to engage with one another.

Our Values

Welcoming Everyone, Strengthening Connections, Championing Literacy, Upholding Intellectual Freedom, Embracing Change

Strategic Plan & Themes

In 2023, Stillwater Public Library’s Board of Trustees adopted a new strategic plan with objectives identified for each of three strategic themes of Space & Place, Access & Enrichment, and Culture & Organizational Health.

Space & Place

Stillwater Public Library is committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming space where all members of our community can explore, learn, and connect.

Access & Enrichment

Stillwater Public Library is responsive to the diverse needs of our community and offers library services to all.

Culture & Organizational Health

Stillwater Public Library offers an internal culture focused on inclusion, accountability, and respect. The library is a trusted community organization and a responsible steward of taxpayer and donor dollars.