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Culture & Organizational Health

Stillwater Public Library offers an internal culture focused on inclusion, accountability, and respect. The library is a trusted community organization and a responsible steward of taxpayer and donor dollars.

Our Objectives

  • Cultivate an inclusive organization focused on equitable outcomes and services for all.
  • Build staff capacity to deliver on our mission and create opportunities for development and growth.
  • Boost public awareness of the library and its value and role in improving the lives of people in the community.
  • Align financial and operational resources with strategic priorities to ensure long-term sustainability.

The library is the heart of our community.

We recognize that the vitality of the library depends on a healthy internal culture as well as the trust and support of our stakeholders.

Our 2022 Success

  • An Advocacy Task Force, consisting of representatives from the library board, staff, Foundation, Friends, and community, was formed to provide guidance on growing support and awareness of the library across the broader community.
  • Two grants totaling $95,000 were awarded that will enable the library and its partners to digitize more than 85,000 pages of historical newspapers in phase 1 of a multi-year project.
  • Staff were enrolled in a training program that emphasizes resolving challenging situations with empathy and de-escalatory tactics.
  • The library was closed for a staff training day on October 10, which included three in-person presenters and online content.
  • New class compensation plan wage schedule was approved to align with changes adopted by the City for pay equity and wage parity.
  • The city’s human resource management system started being used to help simplify and automate the hiring process for open library positions.