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Culture & Organizational Health

Stillwater Public Library offers an internal culture focused on inclusion, accountability, and respect. The library is a trusted community organization and a responsible steward of taxpayer and donor dollars.

Our Objectives

  • Cultivate an inclusive organization focused on equitable outcomes and services for all.
  • Build staff capacity to deliver on our mission and create opportunities for development and growth.
  • Boost public awareness of the library and its value and role in improving the lives of people in the community.
  • Align financial and operational resources with strategic priorities to ensure long-term sustainability.

The library is the heart of our community.

We recognize that the vitality of the library depends on a healthy internal culture as well as the trust and support of our stakeholders.

Our 2023 Successes

  • The library’s youth services team was nominated for a Stillwater Human Rights Award for going above and beyond to ensure the enjoyment and protection of human rights by the city’s Human Rights Commission.
  • Trustees approved a 2023-2027 strategic plan focused on objectives in the areas of space and place, access and enrichment, culture and organizational health.
  • A Library Advocacy Committee, consisting of representatives from the library board, staff, Foundation, and Friends, was formed to grow support and awareness of the library across the broader community.
  • Library staff were out in the community at DaVinci Fest, Stillwater Farmers Market, ECFE, Family Means, Boutwells Landing, and area schools.
  • Staff were enrolled in a training program that emphasizes resolving challenging situations with empathy and de-escalatory tactics.
  • Staff participated in health and wellbeing activities offered through the city.
  • A three-year grant was approved by Stillwater Public Library Foundation to fund a 20-hour per week Youth Services Librarian.
  • Volunteers gave more than 2,500 hours of their time to the library, an equivalent of over $80,000 in staffing.