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Space & Place

Stillwater Public Library is committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming space where all members of our community can explore, learn, and connect.

Our Objectives

  • Bolster the library’s position in the community as an accessible, free, safe, and welcoming destination for everyone.
  • Anchor the library’s role as a connector within the larger social and economic fabric of the community.
  • Preserve and honor the unique character of the historic Carnegie library.
  • Protect the library’s people, property, and information.
  • Maintain and improve library spaces and amenities to enhance the user experience.

The library is a bridge from our history to the future.

We evolve to meet changing needs while honoring our past and strengthening our legacy of public service.


Our 2022 Success

  • Clay roof tiles over the oldest sections of the library were removed and replaced, along with the outmoded gutter system. While the underlayment is thoroughly modern to seal out the elements, the same type of clay tiles, made by the same company as in 1902, still adorn the roof, keeping intact the roofline and look of the Carnegie library.
  • Masonry restoration work was performed along the north face of the library and a portion of the eastern side, including removing old caulk and applying new caulk, digging out old mortar and filling joints with new mortar to ensure waterproof seams, and replacing deteriorating bricks.
  • An improved safety rail was installed on our loading dock lift.
  • The sound system in the Margaret Rivers Room was revamped to include HDMI connections to projection system, new wireless microphones, and an in-room control panel to independently manage volume levels from multiple sources.
  • A continued collaboration with Bayport Public Library on a shared summer reading program created positive user engagement with our libraries, encouraged reading, and enhanced literacy skills.
  • An ongoing partnership with ArtReach on the NEA Big Read, a one book, one community program, brought together residents from throughout the lower St. Croix Valley.