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Why is there a scavenger hunt in the children’s library?

It isn’t any secret that people of all ages enjoy scavenger hunts. At the library, we use this fun activity in the children’s space because it offers:

  1. an activity to do whenever the library is open
  2. a chance to practice problem-solving and observational skills
  3. a social tool to encourage kids to ask questions and converse
  4. a positive library experience for kids who don’t see themselves as readers
  5. an opportunity to get acquainted with the children’s space
  6. the choice of feeding their hunt sheet into a robotic mailbox or taking it home
  7. a colorful sticker to proudly wear

Just like you, we want your children to feel comfortable at the library. Offering a rotating scavenger hunt is one activity we offer to help engage children of all ages and interests. It’s a fun, game-like, chance to become familiar with where different books and resources are located. Another plus, often kids will team up to find the images together thereby making new friends. Other outcomes we observe? Seeking colorful images of robots, bugs, superheroes, pets, etc. that they check off of a hunt list allows them to practice observational skills. It’s an activity you can do each time you visit and you get a cool sticker which never ceases to be enough motivation.