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In the Gallery: Art by Students of Lena Wolf Rothman

January – February 2024:

Visit the gallery in January and February to view the beautiful and inspirational works by young students of Lena Wolf Rothman. The exhibit includes work from 20 of Rothman’s students and features subjects ranging from animals, nature scenes, boats, and even dinosaurs. Meet the artists and Lena Wolf Rothman at an Artist Reception on Thursday, January 18 from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. Light snacks will be served, and no registration is required.

  • Thaddeus DeCaro (10): Thaddeus DeCaro lives in Stillwater with his parents, siblings and grandma. Besides art, he loves reading, soccer, baseball, and planes. His favorite artistic medium is graphite.
  • Estelle Erickson (11): Estelle is 11 years old and attends 6th grade. When not experimenting with baking recipes with her older sister, she loves practicing the physical artform of contortion, acrobatics and plays the piano and baritone. Her favorite art medium is pencil, where she expresses her creative talents.
  • Evalina Erickson (13): Evalina is 13 years old and attends 7th grade. She loves to bake with her younger sister, fostering the bond between them. Evalina plays both the piano and guitar, yet her true passions lie in painting, sketching, and drawing. These pursuits serve exhibit her creativity and dedication to the visual arts.
  • Brooklyn Flansburg (12): Brooklyn is a 12 year old girl who loves animals and gymnastics. She loves mountains, the ocean, exploring outside and get her hands dirty. Brooklyn also likes games and puzzles.
  • WoonYi Hanson (13): WoonYi enjoys art, music and sports. He attends 7th grade at St. Croix Preparatory Academy, just south of Stillwater. He is the middle of 3 boys. He attended three art classes with Lena Rothman last summer, and they were the highlight of his summer.
  • Clara Jones (12): Not only does Clara enjoy drawing, she also creates a range of textile arts including sewing garments, making plush animals, embroidery, and other crafts. She also loves downhill skiing and swimming.
  • Ester Jones (13): In addition to drawing, Ester loves dancing ballet. This year she danced in her 7th Nutcracker. Ester is also an accomplished pianist and an enthusiastic amateur herpetologist.
  • Victor Jones (11): Victor and his sister, Clara, love to draw together. They particularly love to create whole worlds that span reams of paper. Victor also enjoys practicing jiu jitsu and downhill skiing. 
  • Ella Kromer (11): Ella is 11 years old and homeschooled in Stillwater Township. She has three younger siblings, two guinea pigs, and a dog. Her interests include drawing, baking, reading and doing crafts.
  • Hugo Krueger (14): Hugo loves to learn about nature and science.
  • Jenna Lang (11): Jenna lives in Stillwater, Minnesota. She enjoys gymnastics, being outdoors, and spending time with her parents and 5 siblings.
  • Eden Lund (14): Eden is 14. Eden is a hard worker and loves to do art in free time.  Eden is proud of ‘Tolls of Life’ and hopes you will like it, too.
  • Derionna Rushing (14): In her free time Derionna loves to play sports, paint, crochet, and watch movies. She has enjoyed learning new drawing techniques this past summer.
  • Alice Sanders (9): Alice loves to dance, do acrobatics, and perform for those around her. She also likes to go ice fishing with her Dad.
  • Emily Sanders (13): Emily loves to read and spends most of her days doing so. She also enjoys gymnastics, and is hoping to soon join a team.
  • Grace Sanders (15): Grace enjoys playing the guitar and piano, as well as singing along. She is also a bit of a book lover as well.
  • Paige Sanders (11): Paige is an animal lover, mostly of dogs. She enjoys listening and singing to music. Paige also loves serving those around her.
  • Chloe Smith (12): Chloe enjoys reading, writing short stories with illustrations and mountain biking. Her favorite subjects are art, math, piano and percussion.
  • Abram Williams (11): Abram loves to be outside in creation. It is the source for a lot of his creativity. He is a deep thinker with clear ideas in music, drawing and building.He plays the cello and is learning guitar. He also has a particular love of horses and has studied them for several years.
  • David Williams (13): David is a great caretaker of birds. He is currently responsible for a flock of ducks, a flock of chickens and has recently hatched a quail. David is a multi instrumentalist, playing violin, mandolin, and banjo. His art work reflects his admiration for creation and the details of design he sees in it.

Lena Wolf Rothman, a celebrated local artist, has been working with students since the early 1980s to pass on her love of art and classical Dutch and Flemish principles learned through years of training. She studied at Atelier Lack with Stephen Gjertson and Richard Lack. More recently, Rothman studied with Jeff Hurinenko, a Dutch Flemish portrait and genre painter, Joseph Paquet, a plein air painter, and at the Florence Academy of Art. Rothman teaches the principles she learned in her extensive studies–beginning in black and white, learning basic skills such as rendering accurately what you see, seeing relationships, and how to make the subject three-dimensional.

Lena says that it has been a great joy for her to teach and see her students produce such wonderful work. She has been richly blessed with wonderful students and families!