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Explore nature this summer!

Early childhood educators, researchers, youth librarians, parents, and caregivers can all attest to the benefits of being immersed in nature. Young children’s brains develop rapidly and the more experiences they have that involve all their senses, the better. Time spent outdoors observing, smelling, touching, listening, and moving fully engages little bodies during this hand-on exposure to their world. The book highlighted above, Look What I Found in the Woods by Moira Butterfield is one of many that show children enjoying the outdoors. See below for more books featuring young children exploring nature and even a bingo sheet to make outdoor exploration fun and easy today!




Outside, You Notice by Erin Alladin
Wonder Walkers by Micha Archer
Let’s Play Outdoors! by Cath Ard
Hear the Wind Blow by Doe Boyle
Dear Little One by Nina Laden
Love is Here by Mike Malbrough