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Historic Photographs


The Saint Croix Collection has been the grateful recipient of a number of photographic collections over the years. Explore some of historic Stillwater in the collections below. 

Digitized Resources

The Stillwater Public Library partners with state organizations to digitize our collections and offer them nationwide.

Runk Collection

In addition to all of the hard copy prints of John Runk’s photography collection housed in the library, the Minnesota Historical Society has digitized much of his work, from photographs to post cards to videos.

Holcombe Family Photograph Collection

This collection is photographs of interiors, family members, and pictures around Stillwater taken and developed on glass negatives by Fred E. Holcombe in Stillwater from 1893-1908. Digitized copies are available through the Minnesota Digital Library.

Sinclair Stereopticon Slides

James Sinclair was a Stillwater area photographer from approximately 1876 to 1890. Digitized copies of the library’s holdings are available through the Minnesota Digital Library, but a more images other contributors are available through the Digital Public Library of America.

Planning Department Photos

Photographic slides the Planning Department for the City of Stillwater created during the late 1980s through early 1990s as the city applied for the downtown to be designated as a National Historic District. Digitized copies are available through the Minnesota Digital Library.

Print Resources

House Photographs & Index (Rivertown Restoration)

Photographs of Stillwater houses taken in 1977 by members of Rivertown Restoration organization.

Keech/Tuttle Project

Photographs taken by Stillwater residents Deb Keech and Steve Tuttle. The photographers selected a number of 1880’s photographs from the St. Croix Collection and replicated the scenes in 1986. 

Postcard Collection

Scenes in and around Stillwater, Minnesota, dating from the 1800’s.

Wilson Photographs

Photographs taken by Chester Wilson. The set includes images of people and scenes in the Stillwater area from the early 1900’s.

Other Digitized Photograph Collections

UW-La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Murphy Library, Special Collections has digitized a number of images of the boats that passed through Stillwater as part of its UW-La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photographs collection.