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In the Gallery: We Are Water

October – December 2023:

Stop by the gallery on the upper level of Stillwater Public Library to view works by local artists that reflect the themes found in the We Are Water MN exhibit.

The featured artists are:

  • Wynn Davis: Wynn’s mixed media work reflects his participation in the outdoors. Running over 5,400 miles a year, in some of the country’s most erogenous, wild, and urban areas has sharpened her mind, invigorated my body, and intensified my emotions. Some of the salvaged materials he finds along the road or in Little Free Libraries, and some he paints or draws. The pieces are records of observations, experiences, and feelings, brought together by curiosity and imagination.
  • Tony Hilscher: “My dedication as a painter, as someone who needs to translate the real world into a visual poem, is a life-long journey.” Tony devotes his time and passion to painting his impressions of the natural world, both in studio and plein-air work, whether it be the rivers and wetlands of the St. Croix Valley or the western region of the country.
  • Kami Mendlik: “The ever-changing is the constant in which keeps me endlessly curious and infinitely challenged.” In 2008, Kami Mendlik started and founded the St Croix River School of Painting in Stillwater, MN where she teaches the fundamentals of painting with a special emphasis on color. She has always had a special affinity for water. Especially the St Croix River, streams, and ponds here in the Valley.
  • Lena Wolf Rothman: “Wherever color or light are present, where humans interact, where people engage in their work or daily pursuits, where landscapes reveal interesting line, moods, and color, I see life. For in the light we behold beauty, joy and color. Herein lies God’s creation. My goal as an artist is to express this through the subjects I paint. “
  • Robert Snyder: Robert is a retired landscape contractor and designer. He is also a Vietnam Veteran. He works mostly in watercolor and pencil and his subject matter varies, often including landscapes, military themes, sports figures, and portraits.
  • David Spohn: Raised in Chicago, David has lived in MN for close to 50 years. Through his prints, drawings and books, his artistic goal has been to honor the quiet beauty of nature. His work concerns the small spaces in our natural world, and the simple stories that make our world a better place to live. Living in the St. Croix Valley, and particularly living in a woods surrounded by streams and ponds has provided the inspiration for most of David’s work.
  • Bob White: Bob White is an artist and author whose work expresses a misspent youth. Instead of doing his homework, his nose was constantly in the outdoor books and sporting magazines of the day. Consequently, he has wandered between Alaska and Patagonia for four decades as an itinerant fishing guide, looking for gainful employment. He now paints and writes for a living; which is to say, he’s still searching. 

Works will be on exhibit in the gallery through December. Meet the artists on Thursday, November 16 at the library during a reception at 6:30 PM.